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The traditional boat of Concordia Sagittaria is called batea and has a flat bottom as all Venetian lagoon boats (gondola, mascareta, gondolino, sandolo, caorlina).

Its length can vary from 5 mt to 7,5 mt.

Also the typical Veneto rowing style called alla veneta is deep-rooted in the lagoon traditions: the rower, who can row also by himself, uses two oars rowing in the vallesana way ( the rower is positioned at stern and rows crossing the two oars).

Also this type of boat disappeared almost completely when mechanical propulsion was introduced, only some boats remain but they have been modified with an unlikely transom stern to allow the use of an outboard motor.

Nevertheless some have lately been constructed upon request of the Società Remiera Concordiese (the rowing association of Concordia Sagittaria ) to continue the traditional boat race called gara dee batee which takes place in Concordia Sagittaria on the occasion of the Patron Saint’s Day at the beginning of August.


oak, elm and cherry wood, finishing with shellac

length 78 cm

scale: 1:10

design by Graziano Gozzo