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Among the various kinds of sandoli, the mascareta is perhaps the most popular because it is light (as little as 120 kg), manoeuvrable and relatively cheap to build and maintain.

Then length of the hull varies between 6 and 8 metres; it has a sheer more pronounced towards the stern, like in the sandolo; overhanging stem and transom; partial decking fore and aft generally without camber; the mid-thwart slightly forward.

There is no covering-board but the ribs are held together by an upright sheer-clamp (the fassa).

Its simplicity of construction tempts amateurs who know nothing of boat-building or of Venetian tradition to try to make their own.

The result is that both lines and structures leave much to be desired and the canals are filled with little hybrid monstrosities among which the inexperienced eye can no longer distinguish the "thoroughbred".


mahogany, walnut, larch wood and oak, finishing with shellac

length 84 cm

scale: 1:10

survey by Ugo Pizzarello (1980)