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Also called the sandolo da s'ciopo, its gets its name from the gun (s'ciopo: literally "long gun") used for shooting migratory birds in the season when they come to the lagoons.

These guns are about 3 metres long and are placed with the butt forward of midship.

Forward the hull has an almost straight sheer so that the weapon can fire with the water.

The hull is from 5 to 8 metres in length; the scantlings are very light and the decks flat.

The rubbing-strake is normally missing on the starboard side aft so as to allow the hunter (s'cioponante) to paddle while seated on the floor boards.

Nowadays the s'ciopon has lost its lethal character and has become very popular with Venetian lads who zoom along the canals in it like their mainland counterparts on their mopeds.



walnut and larch wood, finishing with shellac

length: 54.5 cm