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Similar to the topo and in fact a development of it, is the topa.

The main difference is that the stern is not round but has an almost vertical transom.

The cross-sections, the bow profile and the bottom rocker are almost the same.

It is a simplification of the topo and very probably dates from the first decades of this century when it was the fashion among the wealthy to use local craft as pleasure boats.

The structure of the hull is therefore lighter then thet af a working boat.

The topa is now almost always fitted with an outboard motor, and the lack of overhang of the stern makes it highly suitable for this, even though the boat was originally intended for sail.

The size of the topa varies from about 5 to 8 metres; the biggest, like the moto-topi, are used for transport.

These are stronger in structure and are protected on the sides by wooden guards.


length 71,30 cm

scale 1:10

woods: oak, walnut, larch, beechwood

painted and partially unfolded sails (so-called vele terzarolate)

finishing: synthetic enamel

built according to a survey of Ugo Pizzarello