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The vipera, which is not used anymore, was a typical boat of the Venetian lagoon.

Its shape was similar to the sandolo but with perfectly symmetric bow and stern, both ending with small metallic staves.

Long, slim and vey light, rowed by six rowers in the Venetian style, it was particularly easy to handle and fast, and for such reasons it was used also by smugglers.

The production of this type of boat ended at the beginning of the 20th century and only two boats still exist, preserved in the Navy Museum of Venice.

This boat was used also by the Austrian gendarmerie to patrol Venice during the Occupation.

It is said that rowlocks were inverted to row in the opposite direction, thus avoiding to manoeuvre the boat to turn, since the space was limited in the lagoon city.

Anyway somebody believes that this is just fantasy.


oak and larch wood, finishing with shellac

length 107 cm

scale: 1:10

model of 1873, survey by Ugo Pizzarello (1978)